We are UCR.

The first company of it's kind in the catering repair and service industry. Utilising the latest in technology, we provide the most efficient and most effective repair and service solutions.

Our services will ensure that you experience less down time with your equipment and the ultimate operating efficiency.

Let us integrate our technology into your business so you can remove the hassle and worry of equipment maintenance and focus on running your business to it's full potential.

Contact us today to experience the ultimate.

Who we are.

Having worked for several of the major catering repair and maintenance companies in Sydney, we noticed a severe lack of quality and efficient service. Customers are routinley being overcharged for sub-par service and call-backs are common place.

Utilisation of technology is non-existent; in the rare cases it is used, it is cumbersome, redundant and outdated.

This forced us to leave the industry and create a new agile technology based service company to remove as much hassle and worry from you so that you can concentrate on running your business.

With over 28 years combined experience and the passion for providing the ultimate service, we believe a job is not complete unless the customer is 100% happy. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

This is the ultimate.


The most competitive pricing in the industry. Ever.

$110 Service Call
$110 Hourly Rate
Read below to learn how we are able to offer such a low rate.


The most thorough service and maintenance in the industry.
Complete in-depth service reports including graphical condition meters, tips and suggestions, and preventative maintenance alerts.
Fix things before they have a chance to break.


The smartest and easiest way to request service.
Simply scan the item with our app and we will send someone over.
Yes, really.


All our work is 100% guaranteed. Sit back and relax knowing that your equipment is in safe hands.
Satisfaction guaranteed.

How are our prices so low?

1 We are agile and mobile. Being a purely mobile ad-hoc business we see no need to have a shop-front. This cost saving is passed down to our customers.

2 Our technology solutions, including our app and active alert systems, allow us to run without administrative staff in an office. This cost saving is again passed down to our customers.

3 We are fair and reasonable. Having run businesses in the past we understand the value of a dollar and reflect reasonable and fair pricing in our service and parts.